Why You Should Be Honored That I Want To Watch ‘Friends’ With You…

I have a group of friends that I’ve enjoyed, and sometimes tortured, from the amount of times I’ve made them watch my favorite show… Friends. Many times I hear the usual comments like “Ugh not again!” or “This show is outdated, let’s watch something else…” Me and my best friend make jokes on occasion that she’s tortured me just as much by making me watch her favorite shows, but I think sometimes the point of me watching Friends with my friends gets lost in the shuffle. Just like those other shows or movies that my friends wanted to watch with me, for me Friends holds a special meaning that I never really thought of until recently (mainly because it’s a regular joke that gets brought up these days).

Growing up, when Friends was originally airing, Must See TV night was included in my family time. I remember that it was a good time for my family to sit down and bond over the funny story lines and the characters on the show. Since the show ended in 2004, it’s been in reruns and has become one of the highest syndicated shows in television. There’s even a deal with Warner Brothers and the Tribune Station Group that will keep it on the air at least until 2017, which basically means I’m not going to stop watching it anytime soon. I’ve probably seen every episode at least 5 to 15 times each, depending on how much I love each individual episode.

Since the show started airing in reruns I moved to college and started watching the show with my friends that I’ve met here. As I said before it got excessive to the point that sometimes they think I’m trying to torture them… which for the record I’m not… I promise!

The reason(s) why you should be honored that I want to watch Friends with you are:

1. It’s my all time favorite show.

2. I associate good memories with this show and want to continue having good memories watching the show with new people.

3. I feel comfortable enough to watch the show with you because I can see you as a close friend in my life similar to the group of friends on the show.

4. The show makes me happy and you being in my life makes me happy and the both combined together equals me being super happy.

There are more reasons than these four, but this is the basic gist of why I always want to watch so many hours of the show with my friends. I’ve tried to cut down on the hours I watch Friends with my friends;  But occasionally if in the future an episode is on and you happen to be one of those friends that I want to watch Friends with hopefully you’ll understand that it comes from a good place and not from a torturous one.