It’s Not That Easy: A Daily Struggle Of An Adult Picky Eater

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I don’t really like to talk about it but I’ve struggled with picky eating since I was a little kid. I don’t eat fruits or vegetables, I’ve never had a hamburger or hot dog (even though my father offered me hundreds of dollars growing up), I’m disgusted by lettuce and onions, and I don’t like certain foods on my plate or touching the food I will end up eating. I’m now 23 years old and I still struggle with it every day.

It’s an interesting thing to experience because anyone who finds out thinks they can give you the advice or help that will finally change you when really it’s so much more than that. It’s a psychological issue that isn’t that easy to get over. What’s worse is some people will make fun of you and even make mean comments because they don’t understand why you are the way that you are. I didn’t choose to be this way but I can tell you I would do anything at this point to be able to eat those foods that make me cringe. I even bought hypnosis downloads that are supposed to help people like me. I got a good deal I couldn’t pass up and I can’t tell you for sure if it’s working but I have had less anxiety trying new foods. Honestly you can say what you want but that’s an improvement in my book.

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Going out to eat with friends, co-workers, even family is a stressful event for people like me. If I’ve never been to a restaurant before I stress over what I’m going to be able to eat that will be a “safe” meal. Thanks to the internet going places has gotten easier because I can screen the menu before we get in the car. But sometimes if I don’t have enough time to screen the menu beforehand I have to try and discreetly look up the menu in the hopes that I can find something that will be “Ariel proof.” I generally order off the kids menu and get made fun of or I order an appetizer and get asked if that’s all I’m going to eat. There’s no real way to look normal when you’re an adult picky eater.

Just like with any other mental health issue in America, people tend to not be understanding of why you have this problem. I’m lucky that I have a few people who understand and don’t judge me but more times than not I have people who act like my problem isn’t really a problem. I’ve been told it’s not that hard to try new foods, that I should just get over it, and even that somehow my issue is a joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Those are the hardest comments to hear because not only do they lack compassion, they literally make you feel like the majority of people will never even try to step into your shoes and understand your mentality.

Slowly but surely I’ve added things like baked zucchini and tomato soup onto my acceptable food list. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest because I scroll through pages and pages to find things that I would be willing to make and (hopefully) try. I’m also a big supporter of therapy and will start to go to a local doctor in my area to see if I can get to the root of the problem. Also thanks to the Internet I found out that I’m not the only one with this issue.

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If you ever meet someone like me who says they’re picky with food, remember that compassion is key. Foods that might be a no brainer for you to eat might be a hurdle a picky eater has to get over. For me trying a new food and not hating it is an accomplishment, and “not hating it” is usually the sentiment I give to new food that I’m okay with. If you ever interact with a picky eater the most important thing I can say is: It is that hard to try new things and we can’t just get over it. Maybe one day I’ll love eating fruits, vegetables, and possibly even salads (Even though there’s no good story that starts with eating a salad). But until then I’ll slowly start to find what foods I don’t hate and personally I’m perfectly okay with that.



Summer Internship: Then and Now

Summer internships are a great tool to utilize while in school or in the mid-term of finding a real job. I’ve utilized it for two summers now and I wouldn’t trade these two summers for anything because both of my internships have given me incredible life experience that I will take with me into the professional world. Now that I have these two internships under my belt I can definitely see the similarities and differences of the two.

I’ll start with my summer internship then…

I was about to start my senior year of college and I needed an internship in television. Summer internships for the television industry are in my area but they are extremely competitive, so I feel I was lucky enough that I got the opportunity to intern with CW44 Tampa Bay.

This was probably the best first internship I could have had because I learned the inner workings of a television station. I was able to write articles for their website that actually got published. I also got to shadow and help with the production of their shows and commercials along with the three other interns. The biggest thing we got to do was create a mock promotional campaign for their fall programming. We all worked together to create the look of the campaign, as well as using the studio to film examples of what promos would look like. Once we were finished we presented it to everyone who had worked with us over the summer, and as nerve wrecking as that was (for me at least) it was just as rewarding when we were applauded for being the first group of interns to do something on that level.


Filming day at CW44

I feel like CW44 was a great first internship because I got to see the day to day of working in a television station, which is what I want to do in the future. I tried to apply to other internships in following semesters but decided with work, school and extracurricular activities that it would be best to take a break from the outside world of internships. School gave me a lot of experience for my field anyways so it wasn’t a total “break” from learning about the professional world that I will join one day soon.

Moving on to my summer internship now…

It’s weird how things come about, and my internship with Limelight Photography was one of those things that I found and decided to take a chance on. I’m glad I did because even if I’m not getting experience in the news field I’m still getting professional experience that will help me immensely in the future. Rebecca, the owner of Limelight, is all about having a learning environment which is great as an intern because it takes a lot of the pressure off.

I came on as a video/ public relations intern and as the summer went on I brainstormed with her on how I can utilize my skills with video editing. We have a couple of ideas in the works and I’m really excited to get the ball rolling on those projects. On top of being a video intern, I’ve also gotten the chance to shadow at a few weddings, help with an intern retreat, and even take home a camera to learn how to use it on my own time. Now that I’m officially returning for fall I’m excited to continue my journey as a Limelight intern to see what else I can learn while I’m there.

Shadowing at a wedding for Limelight

Shadowing at a wedding for Limelight

I believe that certain things happen for a reason, and both of these internships have clear reasons on how they have or will affect my life in the future. I can go on for hours on how both internships have helped me so far but in short, CW44 gave me experience in the field I want to go into and Limelight is giving me experience and skills that will help me in my future profession. I’m so grateful for both of these internships, and if there’s one piece of advice I can give on looking for an internship it’s that you should look at every option and figure out what’s best for you. Even if it’s not the internship you thought you would have at least apply and see how things work out, the best option will stand out when you least expect it.